Hydrogen Production and Refueling (350 and 700 bar)

Construction of a 200-kW hydrogen generation plant with a capacity of around 3 kg H2/h, a compression and high-pressure storage facility (at 450 and 900 bar) for 150 kg H2 and pumps for a refueling facility at 350 and 700 bar.


Methane / Hydrogen Mixture (350 bar HCNG)

Planning, realization and simulation of a hydrogen admixture facility for natural/biogas. Gas vehicles with up to 25 Vol-% H2 (equivalent to 9 energy-%) in natural/biogas. An HCNG project vehicle is being developed in parallel, which will be operated in practice for a period of two years (HCNG = Hydrogen-Enriched Compressed Natural Gas).


Hydrogen Road Sweeper (hy.muve II)

In order to optimize the fuel cell drive further, a hydrogen-powered road sweeper is being operated in Dübendorf for two years to test its efficiency on a day-to-day basis. The focus is particularly on the packaging and the ageing behavior of the fuel cell and battery with a view to modular mass production.


Real Consumption Model and Mixed Corporate/Private Car-Sharing

Development of a scientifically based model for the calculation of realistic consumption levels that is being validated in practice with a test fleet. The project is coupled with an experiment involving a mixed company/private use of vehicles (car-sharing). The test fleet includes a gas vehicle, an electric vehicle, a plug-in hybrid vehicle and a fuel cell vehicle. The gas vehicle is operated with 100% biogas from the supplier Energie 360°.


Feasibility Study for Power-to-Fuel in Switzerland

Development of a scenario for the use of surplus renewable electricity for power-to-fuel plants. All the technical processes necessary to convert electricity into synthetic fuel are analyzed and coupled with scientific analyses.