Current Projects


Production of synthetic methane (Project MEGA)

The project focuses on the production of synthetic methane from green hydrogen and atmospheric CO2. The reactants can be produced locally from renewable electricity. As part of the project, a demonstration plant will be set up at move to demonstrate a methanation process developed at Empa. In addition, waste heat from the existing components will be integrated into the process. The synthetic methane will be offered for filling at the CNG filling station.


Temperature Development in Vehicle Tank when Refuelling Hydrogen (Project eHF)

Analysis of the temperature rise within vehicle tanks during fast refuelling of hydrogen by means of measurements and CFD simulations. Different fuelling scenarios are investigated to minimize the energy consumption of hydrogen refuelling stations.


Flow Metering and Purity Measurement when Refuelling Hydrogen (Project MetroHyVe)

Development of metrology to support the safe use of hydrogen in refuelling stations for the transport sector. The project will tackle the four measurement challenges that currently prevent the industry from meeting requirements set by International Standards such as flow metering, quality control, quality assurance and sampling.

Information on the project and involved partners are available via the following link: