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move – Mobility of the Future

Sustainable mobility means, among other things, replacing fossil fuels completely with renewable energy and massively reducing CO2 emissions. One opportunity is the direct use of renewable electricity in electric vehicles as well as the use of renewable energy for the production of fuels with low CO2 emissions such as hydrogen or methane. These can be used as fuels for long-distance and freight transport. At move, Empa is working together with partners from research, industry and the public sector to show how the mobility of the future could work without fossil energy.

News awarded funding from SWEET programme

A decision has been made on the call for proposals “Sustainable Fuels and Platform Chemicals”: The consortium led by Empa will receive project funding.

Together towards negative emissions

The Association for the Decarbonization of Industry (AfDI) has set itself the goal of developing rapidly implementable and holistic approaches for CO2 reduction in industrial processes. The focus is on industrial high-temperature applications. Ideas of a global approach with overall negative CO2 emissions are also being pursued. Empa researcher Christian Bach represents Empa as a founding member in the association. Together with AfDI project manager Andreas Bittig, he provides insights into the visionary ideas and their practical implementation.

Robust and flexible to synthetic methane

Synthetic energy carriers are carbon-neutral and make renewable energy transportable and storable in the long term. Synthetically produced methane is one of them. The problem: The production involves rather high energy losses; moreover, existing processes require the methane to be purified. To change this, Empa researchers have developed a new, optimized reactor concept for methanation.

move virtual

Mobility of the future (Animation)

Mobility of the future