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Sustainable mobility means, among other things, replacing fossil fuels completely with renewable energy and massively reducing CO2 emissions. One opportunity is the direct use of renewable electricity in electric vehicles as well as the use of renewable energy for the production of fuels with low CO2 emissions such as hydrogen or methane. These can be used as fuels for long-distance and freight transport. At move, Empa is working together with partners from research, industry and the public sector to show how the mobility of the future could work without fossil energy.


Unproblematic use of synfuels in classic car engines

AMAG Classic and Empa have jointly conducted a detailed and scientifically sound investigation into the compatibility of synthetic gasoline in classic cars. Engine components were tested for over a year and driving tests were carried out with selected classic cars. The result: classic cars can also be operated in a climate-friendly manner in the future, as synthetic gasoline can be used in older engines without hesitation.

Sustainable fuels and base chemicals for Switzerland

The aim of the consortium is to develop robust supply paths for sustainable fuels and base chemicals for Switzerland. The consortium is funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) as part of the SWEET funding program and held its kick-off event on 8 December 2023. Nine Swiss universities, universities and research institutes from various disciplines as well as an industrial partner are involved. As the clock is ticking for climate-friendly solutions, political decision-makers will also be involved.

Charging electric cars without any cables

Eight stakeholders from business, science and the public sector launched the first project for wireless charging of electric vehicles in Switzerland at the end of November 2023. The project team is investigating the technical feasibility of inductive charging under everyday conditions, determining the advantages and disadvantages compared to conventional charging systems and clarifying the approval process. Empa is part of the project team, which is supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE).

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Mobility of the future

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