Cellulose-based filler for elastomeric compounds

The project focuses on the development of an industrial process for the synthesis of renewable fillers derived from chemical modified cellulose-derived material to be used as filler for elastomeric compounds and products.

Contact, Partners & Publications

Ming Liu, 



Dätwyler Switzerland Inc., (Luana Lettieri, Mattia Lucchini)


Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency
Project Number 37557.1 IP-ENG



  • Wirtschaftsverband der Kautschukindustrie, NACHHALTIG HANDELN, Erneuerbare Füllstoffe auf Cellulose-Basis, Oktober 2022
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  • Liu, M; Lettieri, L.; Luchhini, M.A.; Nyström, G.; Geiger, T., Method for producing surface-modified micro-fibrillated cellulose. Patent CH000628/2022, 25.05.2022
  • Liu, M.; Hoffmann, K. G.; Geiger, T.; Nyström, G. Chapter 10 - Production of microfibrillated cellulose fibers and their application in polymeric composites. In: Micro and Nano Technologies, Nanotechnology in Paper and Wood Engineering, Elsevier, 2022; pp 197-229, doi:10.1016/B978-0-323-85835-9.00003-9.


Status: completed

Cellulose Rubber Compound