Development of microfibrillated cellulose-based porous materials in consideration of industrial relevant processes.

The objective of this project is to engineer cellulose-based porous materials, which can be used for various sorption applications for liquids. By tailoring the porosity and surface chemistry of these novel three-dimensional cellulosic structures, the hydrophilicity and oleophilicity of the final product will be tuned and optimized. The development and engineering of the sorbents take place with regard to industrial relevant processes and scalability.

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Carlo Antonini (now: University of Milano-Bicocca), Thomas Geiger


ETH Zürich, Laboratory of Food Process Engineering (Judith Wemmer, Prof. Erich Windhab)
Weidmann Fiber Technology (Stefan Truniger)


Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI / Innosuise
Project Number 18731.2 PFNM-NM



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  • Antonini, C.; Nylen, O.; Geiger, T., High porosity cellulose-​based foams by ice-​templating, Abstracts of Papers, 255th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, New Orleans, LA, United States, March 18-22, 2018, American Chemical Society, 2018, p. CELL-430
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  • Antonini, C.; Wu, T.; Zimmermann T.; Kherbeche A.; Thoraval M.-J.; Nyström, G., Geiger, T. Ultra-porous nanocellulose foams with tailored wetting properties. EMRS Fall meeting, Sept 2019, Warsaw, Poland, submitted
  • Antonini, C.; Wu T.; Zimmermann, T.; Kherbeche, A.; Thoraval, M-J.; Nyström, G.; Geiger, T. Ultra-porous nanocellulose foams: a facile and scalable fabrication approach, Nanomaterials 9 (2019) 1142; doi:10.3390/nano9081142
  • Antonini, C.; Truniger, S.; Geiger, T. Method of preparing a nano- and/or microscale cellulose foam WO2020114634


Status: completed









Porous structure of a cellulose foam