Development, Design & Technology of Functional Materials

  • HyPELignum - Exploring wooden materials in hybrid printed electronics - "Green electronics"
  • CircuBAT - Swiss circular economy model for automotive lithium batteries
  • LUUUP - Conversion of textile waste into sustainable and biodegradable solutions
  • qCella - Next generation of cellulose-copper biohybrids
  • RubberMFC - Cellulose-based filler for elastomeric compounds
  • CellSpec - Material Speculations - Cross-Sector Dialogue Format to Design Diverse Futures
  • Ioncott - Recycling process for textile waste using a solvent system with an ionic liquid
  • BC-Board - Rigid boards made from industrially produced bacterial cellulose
  • Cellutronic - The circuit board of the future - "Green electronics"
  • Connect21 - Ecological alternatives to plastic or leather
  • FiberComp - Cellulose fiber compounds
  • SolidCell - Solidified Cellulosic Structures
  • WNB - Wood glues wood for arts and cutural objects (woodNANObonding)
  • CornFoam - Polymer-bound bio-granulate foam and its applications
  • Cell3DP2 - Design as a catalyst in technological innovation: The Example of 3D-Cellulose Printing
  • MatLab - Materiolab 2018
  • RegCell - Regenerated cellulose gel as alternative to physical rigid gels
  • CellBead - Cellulosebeads save "The Circling of the Planets"?
  • Cell3DP - 3D-Printing (3DP) of cellulose powder
  • ArchWood - Consolidation of waterlogged archaeological wood
  • MCGlue - Composites of methylcellulose (MC) with nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC) or microfibrillated cellulose (MFC)
  • Kubus - Cellulose based systems for thermal insulation in buildings
  • CelPorMat - Development of microfibrillated cellulose-based porous materials in consideration of industrial relevant processes
  • JunFunori - a natural polymer from red algae to consolidate matte paint


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