Funori is a polysaccharide extracted from the red alga Gloiopeltis furcata. This polysaccharide is generally known in conservation for its advantages as a product to consolidate matt paint. Because of variations in quality of the traditional Funori, the authors developed an extraction method and a purification procedure to obtain the pure polymer called JunFunori. The improved adhesive was tested in comparison with traditional aqueous consolidants such as gelatin, sturgeon glue, Klucel E (hydroxypropylcellulose) and Methocel MC (methylcellulose). The investigations showed that consolidation using JunFunori hardly changes the appearance of unbound pigment layer on canvas, in contrast to a consolidation using Klucel E. Accelerated ageing tests with a simultaneous influance of UV light and variations in humidity, in combination with mechanical tests and FTIR analysis demonstrated that JunFunori shows a good stability under this specific conditions. In liability tests JunFunori was as resistant to biological attack as the other consolidants tested. These results indicate that JunFunori demonstrates high potential as an alternative to traditional consolidants.

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Thomas Geiger


Institut für Denkmalpflege ETHZ
Schweiz. Landesmuseum, Atelier für Konservierung/Restaurierung von Gemälde & Skulpturen (Anita Reichlin, Geneviève Teoh-Sapkota, Françoise Michel)



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