Cellutronic - The circuit board of the future

The Matura thesis documents a concept for replacing a glass-fiber-reinforced epoxy resin, which is used as a carrier material in printed circuit boards (PCBs), with sustainable cellulose. "Cellutronics" in this context represents a combination of cellulose and electronics, an association that is currently found only occasionally in this form. Two types of cellulose structures, microfibrillated cellulose and bacterial cellulose, were obtained and processed into circuit boards. Thus, an electronic circuit, an astable multivibrator, was realized on the substrate materials. The electronic circuit with a conventional glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin served as a reference. Experiments were conducted on the biodegradability of the carrier materials and the recovery of the non-decomposable components of the circuit boards by swelling the carrier materials in water. It was shown that cellulose is an optimal equivalent to the glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin.



Christine Geiger, Cantonal School Zürich Nord 




Status: completed

Printed circuited board with cellulose substrate