Joining Technologies & Corrosion

We drive innovations in joining technologies and corrosion management by bulk, surface and interface engineering of functional materials and their assemblies in close collaboration with academia and industry.  



  • Innovative R&D and high-end services to your industrial needs in the fields of corrosion management, joining technologies, electrochemistry and surface engineering
  • We are your national competence center for the assessment of corrosion failures and the development of corrosion prevention strategies.
  • Technology transfer of innovative R&D into sustainable materials, processes and technologies


In order to bridge the gap between basic research and real-life applications, we aim at comprehensive understanding of the crucial role of material heterogeneities and defects on their reactivity, stability and functionality in harsh environments (e.g. in reactive gasses, humidity/water, complex electrolytes and biofluids; at elevated temperatures under static or cyclic loading conditions). To this end, cutting-edge experiments are guided by multi-scale modelling to reach fundamental understanding of:

  • The thermodynamics and kinetics of diffusion, wetting, nucleation and competing phase formation at solid-solid, solid-liquid and solid-gas interfaces

  • The electrochemical reactivity and combined thermal, chemical and mechanical stability of heterogeneous metals, alloys and coatings systems in harsh environments

  • Defect engineering of functional oxide films

Your Contacts

Dr. Lars Jeurgens
Head of the Laboratory

Phone: +41 58 765 40 53


Dr. Patrik Schmutz

Dr. Patrik Schmutz
Group Leader (Deputy)

Phone: +41 58 765 4845

Claudia Frey

Claudia Frey

Phone: +41 58 765 4914