"Thanks to NEST, our ideas have turned into products"

The office furniture supplier Lista Office LO has been one of NEST's partners from the very beginning. In cooperation with the Competence Center Typology & Planning in Architecture (CCTP) at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, the company used the NEST unit Meet2Create to test and further develop prototypes of new furniture systems while they are being in use. Several of these developments are now on the market and being sold successfully.

"The idea behind NEST inspired us right from the start," says Robert Jesensek, responsible for project development and innovation at Lista Office LO. The partnership between the office furniture supplier and NEST has been running since 2014. Lista Office LO was involved in the realization of the Meet2Create office unit under the leadership of the CCTP competence center at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and together with numerous other business partners. "It quickly became clear to us that Meet2Create was an ideal platform for testing new product ideas and discussing concepts with experts," says Jesensek.

Lista Office was able to deploy several new furniture systems for the first time in the different zones of the unit, which each address different user needs and requirements. For instance, the "LO Studio" product concept, a mobile workshop system for project rooms, was introduced in "InOut", a creative room within the unit. And the first prototypes of the "LO Cockpit" tables have served the NEST team around Managing Director Reto Largo as their everyday workplaces for around two years. The feedback Lista Office LO received within the scope of various research projects (e.g. Corporate Collaboration Spaces), expert workshops and questionnaires gave valuable hints and suggestions for the further development of the products.

"Thanks to the findings in NEST, 'LO Cockpit' was expanded into a table family, of which over 1,200 units have been sold to date," says Robert Jesensek. And although "LO Studio" was not taken up as a regular product, it is often identified as a real customer need. Numerous orders had been placed because customers encountered the furniture elements at NEST. "The partnership with NEST and the Meet2Create unit is a win-win situation for us: On the one hand, our developers benefit from direct feedback and, on the other hand, our customers from the new furniture lines," says Robert Jesensek.