Running projects

Your Virtual Cold Chain Assistant
Virtual twinning for intelligent, personalized transdermal drug delivery
Convective cooling of heat-sensitive products organised in macro-porous assemblies: a novel conjugate method
Non-thermal, low-energy removal of surface water during potato processing
Strategies for innovations for Swiss masks needed in pandemic situations

Electrohydrodynamic air propulsion device
Fortifying dehydrated fruits by scalable electrohydrodynamics
Smart packaging solutions
Bringing the digital twins of fruit and vegetables to the public
An answer given by physics-based digital twins from flower to fork

Completed projects

Electrohydrodynamic drying of biomaterials
Solar drying of soft cellular materials: a multiscale approach
Artificial fruit sensor system for monitoring the thermal behaviour of fruit in the cold chain
PACKCHAIN: Eco-smart ventilated packaging for fresh fruit using virtual cold chainsMultiscale fluid-tunnel facility for the built environment
Multiscale fluid-tunnel facility for the built environment
Transport of tropical fruit from overseas markets to Switzerland