Your VCCA in India


Type. project

Funding. This project is funded by the MasterCard Center for Inclusive GrowthThe Rockefeller Foundation.

Duration. 2 years (2020-2022)

Collaborations. BASE, and local service providers in India.

Contact. Thijs Defraeye (principal investigator).

Project background. 



Mobile app to help smallholders in India. Image: BASE

Funding agency:


 Daniel Onwude
 (Coordinator/Machine learning)


 Chandrima Shrivastava

 PhD student
 (Physics-based digital twins)

 Kanaha Shoji

 Research assistant
 (Data collection and physics-based digital twins)


 Joaquin Gajardo Castillo
 (Machine Learning and Mobile App development)


 Jörg Schemminger
 PhD student
 (Mobile app development)

 Manuel Knott 
 PhD student
 (Machine learning)

Yuyan Lu
Master student
(Machine learning)

 Danya Li
 Master student
 (Machine learning)

 Seraina Schudel
 Scientific collaborator
 (Data collection and outreach)