Reservation and Rents


Please fill in the Guest House Reservation Form and send it to the Guest House Management at .

  • The Guest House Management (GHO) will send you a booking confirmation, provided that there is a room available as requested.
  • The room will be reserved for you for two weeks. If you do not reply by the end of this period, the Guest House Management will offer the room to another applicant.
  • The Guest House Management will draw up a sublease contract which is to be signed by the subtenant on the day of his or her arrival. This confirms the guest's acceptance of the terms of the contract and the house rules. Both documents are issued to the guest in printed form.

Please find the reservation form here.

These prices include all incidental living costs and services.

In addition, the rent also covers the following services: 
complete furnishing and equipment, kitchen and household utensils and appliances, including bed linen, bath towels and kitchen towels, radio, TV and waste disposal fees, supply of consumables, cleaning of the common rooms.

If arriving with your car, you must select one of the following parking possibilities:

  • outdoor parking space under the viaduct (Viadukt) CHF 80 per month
  • parking space in the basement garage CHF 150 per month

The Guest House Management will assign the rooms to ensure an optimal occupation of the limited living space.