Research Topics

Cost effective harvesting and storage of energy from renewable sources are key processes to reduce our society’s dependence on fossil and nuclear fuels. In this context, different applications based on energy conversion processes are currently covered in our laboratory:

Batteries: short and medium term energy storage, stabilization of the electricity grid, mobility

  • high-energy density cobalt-free cathodes for Li-ion batteries
  • Fast solid state electrolytes for Li-, Na-, Mg-ion batteries
  • β‘‘-alumina-based ceramic electrolytes for sodium nickel chloride batteries

Fuels: medium and long-term energy storage, stabilization of the electricity grid, mobility

  • Oxynitrides for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production
  • Membrane and test bench development for alkaline electrolysis
  • Oxide catalysts for low-temperature methanol steam reforming

Thermoelectrics: energy harvesting from waste heat

  • Oxide thermoelectrics for >800°C
  • Half-Heusler thermoelectrics for 400-800°C

Photovoltaics: harvesting solar light energy

  • Carrier-selective oxide contacts for low-cost solar cells