Protection Layer for Ultrathin Glass Foils

Ultra-thin glass is a very attractive substrate, as a high performance material it has the potential to substitute various substrates. Key functionalities are excellent barrier properties against water and oxygen, a high thermal stability and a very smooth surface while it is still flexible and highly transparent. Contrasting this, glass is easy to break, which brings difficulties in handling flexible glass.

Glass composite materials can combine advantages of different material types. Goal of the project is to produce laminates of ultra-thin glass and PET foils which allows easier further processing.

The laminates can find applications in technical products where the protection from water and oxygen is essential, e.g. as substrate and encapsulation solution in organic solar cells (oPV) or organic light emitting diodes (oLED). This project is a collaboration of EMPA and the swiss company Folex AG.

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KTI-Nr.172531PFIW-IW „Schutzlaminate für flexible Barrieren (Lambar)“