Cyanine Dye Polyelectrolytes

Polyelectrolytes contain a backbone with pendant groups capable of ionizing in high dielectric media.

We developed a versatile synthetic approach for cyanine polyelectrolytes consisting of an anionic sulfoethyl methacrylate / methacrylate backbone and either pentamethine or trimethine cationic cyanine counter ions with contents up to 50% of polymer repeating units. The synthesis route consists of a thermal radical copolymerization, followed by deprotonation of the sulfoethyl group and a salt metathesis reaction to incorporation the dyes. The cyanine polyelectrolytes showed a strongly decreased solubility in chlorinated solvents, which allowed the fabrication of the first solution-processed regular cyanine bilayer solar cells.

L. Wang et al., Polymer 2014, 55, 3195.