Advanced Processing and Additive Manufacturing of Metals

Welcome to the Advanced Processing & Additive Manufacturing of Metals group. Our goal is the development, processing and characterization of advanced metallic materials and metal-based composites by combining modeling and simulation with sophisticated experiments. A special emphasize is on the development of novel or modified alloys for laser-based additive manufacturing processes. The main research activities include:

  • Design of alloys and (nano-) composites
  • Powder engineering
  • Additive manufacturing and laser metals processing
  • Advanced in situ and ex situ characterization

Group Members


Group Leader and Deputy

  • Dr. Christian Leinenbach, Group Leader
  • Dr. Marc Leparoux, Deputy Group Leader

Scientists and PostDocs

  • Dr. Anthony De Luca
  • Dr. Xiao Jia

Laboratory Technician

  • Andreas Alff

PhD students

  • Antonios Baganis
  • Di Cui
  • Irene Ferretto
  • Marvin Schuster
  • Rafal Wrobel
  • Jian Yang
  • Yajiao Yang (with Lab303)
  • Meet Oza (with Lab303)