10th International Symposium on Isotopomers (ISI) and
12th Isotopes Conference

May 29 – June 3, 2022

Empa-Akademie, Dübendorf/Zürich, Switzerland

The first joint 10th ISI and 12th Isotopes Conference was organized in Spring 2022 at Empa Dübendorf (Zürich area). The meeting highlighted the latest developments and applications for the use of stable isotopes and brought together leading experts from a wide range of disciplines. 130 on-site and 30 online participants from 17 countries contributed with 53 oral and 62 poster presentations.

photo: Christoph Zellweger / Empa

The following scientific sessions were organized:
  • Advances in analytical instrumentation and methods
  • Process tracing in ecology & plant science
  • Biogeochemistry, element cycles and fate of contaminants
  • Global change, greenhouse gases & aerosols
  • Computation of isotope effects & enzyme mechanisms
  • Food authenticity, forensic & biomedical applications
  • Origin and evolution of the Earth (planets) & life
  • Clumped isotopes