Current situation (March 16, 2021)

Mid-February most COVID-19 measures in Switzerland have been waived and only few national rules remain (e.g. mask obligation in public transportation and hospitals).

For entry to Switzerland currently you do not have to fill out an entry form or present a negative test. Note that the airline or long-distance bus company can nevertheless demand a test on boarding. For this reason you should find out directly from the airline or long-distance bus company what rules they apply.

Under the current regulations, for participation at the conference, no special rules, other than the general distancing and hygiene recommendations, apply.

We keep you posted on any news regarding the COVID pandemic and the corresponding measurements that are in place in Switzerland here on this website.

Attendees will have the opportunity to change their registration type from in-person to online (or vice versa). You will be required to pay the difference in the registration cost or will receive a refund of the difference. The deadline to make this change is 6 May 2022.