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Manikin and skeleton join the team at the World Medtech Forum

18 oct. 2012 | MARTINA PETER

Around 3,200 visitors from all over Europe were in Lucerne from 25 to 27 September for the successful premiere of the "World Medtech Forum". Empa was represented by two special "employees" and more than 20 exhibits from the field of "Medtech & Advanced Therapeutics".


David, the human model (manikin), and Georg, the skeleton, attracted much attention. They both assisted the team at the Empa stand in the "Center of Attention" in presenting the exhibits prominently. The Empa researchers were also amongst the speakers and reported the latest findings on how implants can be made more reliable and compatible and where new kinds of textiles can be deployed in medicine. These topics were then discussed in more detail in numerous personal discussions on the stand. Empa cell biologist Arie Bruinink was delighted about thelivelyinterest: "Empa has succeeded in showing how it can support industry with product development".

Along with other Swiss researchers, presentations were also given by industry representatives and users covering the entire value creation chain: ranging from academic research through to industrial exploitation and clinical applications. Empa management team member, Harald Krug, praised the event: "The World Medtech Forum provided an outstanding opportunity to improve the links between research and applications". It is only by working closely together that innovations can be successful on the market. "Empa has supported this idea for over 100 years and sees a great opportunity here for strategic developments and partnerships", added Krug. Now, it is a a question of establishing from the many discussions new collaborations and partnerships with the Swiss medical technology industry.

"MedTech Day 2012" at Empa in November
As early as 12 November 2012, another event in the field of medical technology is taking place. On "Medtech Day 2012", at the Empa Academy in Dübendorf, industry representatives will have the opportunity to attend talks to find out detailed information about Empa's medtech activities and cooperation opportunities and to make direct contact with Empa experts. Arie Bruinink: "There is a great deal of interest; we have already received a large number of registrations."


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