EmpaNews 39 published

Focus: Fuss and Fumes

20 déc. 2012 | RAINER KLOSE

Industrialized countries face two problems: noise and airborne pollution. Empa researchers use facilities such as comprehensive 3D computer models and simulations to detect noise sources. The resulting noise maps then reveal where it is loudest in Switzerland i.e. where the situation is most critical. Besides noise, our quality of life is also being affected by greenhouse gases and airborne pollutants. Empa researchers are examining their spread in the atmosphere with analytical instruments and computer models.


Aside of the focus-theme "Fuss and Fumes" other themes don't fall short: Lorenz Hilty, Empa scientist and professor of Informatics and Sustainability at the University of Zurich, outlines his vision for intelligently controlled energy consumption. The idea is to use the “ICT for Sustainability” (ICT4S) conference organised by Hilty in February in Zurich as the starting signal.

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IT starting signal for an energy-efficient future
A conference in Zurich shows how ICT can control energy consumption.
Interview with Lorenz Hilty, professor of Informatics and Sustainability.
Weblink to the ICT4S-conference





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