EmpaNews 34 published

Focus: How to use resources efficiently

14 sept. 2011 | RAINER KLOSE

Sustainable use of energy and raw materials is a central research topic at Empa. The variety of topics streches from rural biofuel-projects in Africa to the ambitious vision of producing liquid fuel out of carbon-dioxide – which today is seen as a "worthless" climate-changing gas.


In this issue you will find an insight view on this scientific work - focused on resources. It is not only about sustainable use of energy-sources, but also about rare materials, about proper recycling of electronic waste, about what kind of propulsion we will use in our cars in 20 years.

Enjoy your reading!

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Centerfold "Car engines, 20 years from now"
Propulsion expert Patrik Soltic compares the potential of cars driven by petrol, diesel, batteries or fuel-cells.
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Further readings in this issue of EmpaNews:

Research and Development

  • The midget sun
    Swiss high school students develop a sunlight-simulator an win an award at the science-contest "Jugend Forscht". Now the device is used by empa-scientists to test new kinds of solar cells.
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  • Adding the spark to hydrogen
    A few years ago Empa's engine experts co-developed the natural-gas turbo engine. Now the will go the next step: A mix of natural gas and solar-generated hydrogen will save energy and improve engine operation at the same time.
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Knowledge and technology transfer

  • The flying pixels
    How to apply polymer explosives with virtuosity: Ten years of research have led to brightly glowing results and an intermediate victory on the way to colour screens via laser processes.
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