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Ignoring efficiency

If energy is harvested in the Earth's sun belt, converted and transported, this reduces the efficiency of the process. The balances show that this is not a probem for the pyrolysis of synthetic methane.

Long-lived lamellas

CFRP lamellas are an innovative method of reinforcing buildings. Questions regarding their recycling, however, remain. A research project is set to provide answers - thanks to the support from a foundation.

Embracing change

Nathalie Casas took over the lead of Empa's Energy, Mobility and Environment research department. She believes that humanity can save the climate from collapse – but that it will take more than "just" technology.

The big clean-up

How to remove the already emitted CO2 from the atmosphere while creating a completely new economic system, explains Peter Richner, Deputy Director of Empa.

CO2-binding society 

Empa Director Tanja Zimmermann and Eawag Director Martin Ackermann want to provide answers to the climate crisis with new initiatives and ambitious goals.

Packaged in beer

Empa researchers have extracted nanocellulose from a waste product of beer brewing and processed it into an aerogel. The high-quality biodegradable material could be used in food packaging.

Defects welcome

Is it possible to convert CO2 back to fuels or other useful chemicals? Absolutely – but not in a very targeted way just yet. Empa researcher Alessandro Senocrate is looking at defects in materials that will help us achieve this goal.

Smart protection

Pressure injuries occur in sick newborns in hospitals or elderly people. Thanks to successful partnerships with industry and research, Empa scientists are now launching two smart solutions.


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Beyond Zero

A set of innovations from the Empa labs that are strongly CO2-reduced and even CO2-negative, are going to be installed and analysed inside a new unit at NEST, the innovation building of Empa and Eawag.

Building on CO2

Chemical processes can bind CO2 in various forms. The construction sector with its huge volumes, is a perfect candidate to making use of them. Empa researchers are working on processes that give reason for optimism.


NEST Podcast

The future of construction


The green delight

The Christmas tree in this picture doesn't need any candles. It glows bright green all by itself – thanks to bioluminescence. Empa researcher Francis Schwarze has developed a process for producing bioluminescent wood using fungi. 

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