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What are the hot topics in research and technology? What is Empa’s role in all of this? How are inventions from the lab turned into innovations that succeed in the market? EmpaQuarterly, our magazine for research and innovation, provides answers to these questions with interviews, portraits and exciting reports from our labs.

# 57 / July 2017 / Focus: Sensors make us smarter


Sensors are usually electronic components that supply information on physical and chemical parameters in their surroundings. They act as a scientist’s sensory organ, helping to describe the changes in the world around us – or even in our bodies – as precisely as possible. Only if we comprehend and perceive our environment as fully as possible we can interact with it in a purposeful, meaningful way. Only with sensors can technology really become “smart”.

Sensors can be used to measure virtually anything, from relatively straightforward factors like tem-perature, pressure, brightness or acceleration to complex, abstract features such as the force be-tween two atoms or the concentration of a particular metabolic product in biological samples. This makes sensors hugely important in numerous research fields, as the current issue of EmpaQuarterly illustrates.

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