Trace-N2O: N2O from the Swiss midlands: regional sources and hot spots

Scientist Empa: Erkan Ibraim (PhD student, Prof. J. Six ETHZ)

Collaboration with Prof. Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, PD Dr. Ralf Kiese, Dr. Benjamin Wolf (IMK-IFU, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany)


In an ongoing SNSF (D-A-CH) funded cooperative project (Trace N2O) of Empa, IMK-IFU (Germany) and ETHZ, continuous N2O isotope measurements with TREX-QCLAS (E. Ibraim et al., 2017) at the Beromünster tall tower are combined with backward Lagrangian particle dispersion modeling (FLEXPART-COSMO). In addition, an inversion system will be set up to determine the source strengths of total N2O and its isotopic signatures in northern Switzerland.

In a complementary “bottom-up” approach, a state of the art biogeochemical model (LandscapeDNDC) will be extended with a sub-module capable of simulating isotopic signatures of N2O emitted from soils. This complementary approach will allow us to evaluate the consistency between biogeochemistry modeling and observations and identifying weaknesses in our current understanding of the N turnover processes.
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