Process attribution of regional emissions

The objectives of the Horizon Europe project PARIS are to:

  1. quantify top-down emissions from a selection of European countries of major GHGs and black carbon aerosol;
  2.  quantify the contribution of major source sectors of GHG and BC emissions and organic matter aerosol abundance through the implementation of innovative measurement and analysis technologies;
  3. derive time- and space-resolved flux estimates for GHGs with complex or uncertain source distributions (N2O, F-gases);
  4. produce draft Annexes to the annual National Inventory Reports for a selection of ‘focus’ countries.

Activities at Empa will build on our previous and ongoing achievements in N2O isotope analysis to determine the intramolecular isotopic composition of N2O emitted from agricultural sites. Measurements of intramolecular N2O isotopic composition will be compared to the N2O isotopic composition calculated by the stable isotope model for nutrient cycles, SIMONE, in conjunction with the biogeochemical model output to assess the relative contributions of nitrification and denitrification to total N2O emission. Based on the isotopic tuning of biogeochemical models, we will derive temporally and spatially resolved national emissions for focus countries.