Metrology for European emissions verification on methane isotopes

The Horizon Europe project isoMET connects twelve research institutions to improve

  1. ambient air monitoring capabilities for CH4 isotopes;
  2. the quality of source signature information;
  3. the modelling information necessary to direct the measurement strategy and make top-down emissions estimates. 

The contribution of Empa focuses on the development and application of high-precision mid-IR laser spectroscopy for the analysis of the rare doubly substituted isotopic species 13CH3D/12CH2D2 in methane to perform cutting-edge studies of process-derived and ambient methane.

Related publications
Prokhorov, I.; Mohn, J. CleanEx: a versatile automated methane preconcentration device for high-precision analysis of 13CH412CH3D, and 13CH3D. Anal. Chem. 202294 (28), 9981-9986.
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