EmpaQuarterly 2018

What are the hot topics in research and technology? What is Empa’s role in all of this? How are inventions from the lab turned into innovations that succeed in the market? EmpaQuarterly (formerly known as EmpaNews), our magazine for research and innovation, provides answers to these questions with interviews, portraits and exciting reports from our labs.

# 59 / January 2018 / Focus: Nano-electronics


Today’s microelectronics is based on silicon. With the increasing miniaturization, however, the material is reaching its limits. On the lookout for base materials for the next generation of electronics, researchers from Empa have struck gold: transistors made of graphene nanoribbons might enable the computers of the future to run faster, with better energy-efficiency and, therefore, much cooler. Another topic being investigated at Empa: image sensors made of perovskite nanocrystals – which enable maximum light sensitivity with a high resolution, one step towards the next generation of digital cameras.