Large Area Perovskite Solarcells

In Peroprint we develop, manufacture and test large area Perovskite solar cells and modules using print and coating techniques applicable to industrial processes. 

In this type of solar cell the light harvesting active layer is a perovskite structured compound, most commonly a hybrid organic-inorganic lead halide based material such as methyl-ammonium lead halide. Research into perovskite solar cells only started in 2009 and efficiencies have reached 22.1% in early 2016, making this the fastest-advancing solar technology to date.

The project is carried out by EMPA in the facilities of the Coating Competence Center and Solaronix, a Swiss company serving customers worldwide with expertise in photovoltaics, from materials production to solar panels and testing equipment manufacturing (

Peroprint is a Cleantec pilot- and demonstration project funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (Projekt-Nr. SI/501237). Cleantech refers to technology, products, processes and services which are energy efficient and conserve resources. In pilot and demonstration projects, new technologies are tested and demonstrated at a scale that permits an assessment of their economic viability, applicability and technical feasibility.


Funding: Swiss Federal Office of Energy (BFE)

Contact: Jakob Heier / Anand Verma



Figure: Testprints of active layer materials