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Focus Atmosphere18 August 2015
Anesthetics in Antarctica

Inhalation anesthetics, so-called fluranes, are widely used during surgery. Just how much of these strong greenhouse gases is produced worldwide remains a mystery; industry is keeping its cards close to its chest.
Detailed life cycle assessments for industrial products of the future6 August 2015
Safe motorcycle helmets – made of carrot fibers?

Crackpot idea or recipe for success? This is a question entrepreneurs often face. Is it worth converting the production process to a new, ecologically better material? Empa has developed an analysis method that enables companies to simulate possible scenarios – and therefore avoid bad investments. Here’s an example: Nanofibers made of carrot waste from the production of carrot juice, which can be used to reinforce synthetic parts.
Useful things from gelatine29 July 2015
Yarn from slaughterhouse waste

ETH and Empa researchers have developed a yarn from ordinary gelatine that has good qualities similar to those of merino wool fibres. Now they are working on making the yarn even more water-resistant.
THRIVE sets its sights on waste heat27 July 2015
Waste not, want not

As part of the National Research Program “Energy Turnaround” NRP 70 the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) is supporting the interdisciplinary research project “THRIVE”. With IBM Research – Zurich and the Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil as leading houses, scientists from Empa, ETH Zurich, HEIG-VD and PSI will be teaming up with industrial partners until 2017 to develop a heat pump that is powered by waste heat.

EmpaNewsletter No 25 published. Edition August 2015 main topic: «Unconventional Ideas»

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