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Without industrial CO2

The Association for the Decarbonization of Industry has set itself the goal of developing approaches for CO2 reduction in industrial processes. Empa researcher Christian Bach represents Empa as a founding member.

Synthetic methane

Synthetic energy carriers are carbon-neutral and make renewable energy transportable and storable. But the production involves rather high energy losses. Empa researchers have developed a new reactor concept for methanation.

Best of both worlds

Lorenz Herrmann has been head of Empa's Advanced Materials and Surfaces Department for around six months. In an interview, he talks about novel materials – and how research at Empa differs from that at an industrial research center.

Birth of a crystall

Crystal structures can be created not only from atoms and ions, but also with superlattices - fascinating building blocks that are 100 times larger and have hardly any attraction to each other.

Spin-off marathon

Developing a product from an innovative technology takes years, sometimes decades. Gabor Kovacs has lived through this process with his spin-off CTsystems AG and electroactive polymers at Empa.

Joining the nanoworld

Electronic components are becoming smaller, more complex and more powerful – this calls for new solutions for joining them. An Empa team is developing nanostructured joining materials for the next generation of microelectronics.


NEST Podcast

The future of construction


Recipe for transition

We need to transform our energy system. It will be anything but easy. But a lot is up to us, says Peter Richner, energy expert and Empa's deputy director. After all, many technologies are readily available, but have been (under)utilized thus far.

Green devices

Can ecologically sustainable components for the electronics industry be produced from cellulose fibers? Empa researcher Thomas Geiger is part of a multinational EU project called Hypelignum". Its goal: biodegradable electronics.


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Against heat waste

With energy prices soaring, heating costs will inevitably rise in this winter. The Empa spin-off viboo has developed an algorithm that makes it possible to operate even older buildings with around 25 percent less energy – whithout losing user comfort.

Research for Net Zero

Net Zero  a core topic of the four research institutes of the ETH Domain. At the PSI Energy Briefing 2022, Empa's Deputy Director Peter Richner gives an overview about Net Zero research at the four research institutes (in German).

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