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Empa presents "gas station of the future"

Feb 22, 2018 | RAINER KLOSE
What could a "gas station of the future" look like? What services does it offer? Which fuels can be refueled there and where do they come from? Possible answers to these questions can be found at the stand of the of Swiss Oil Industry Association (Erdöl-Vereinigung) at the Geneva Motor Show. The stand in Hall 6 is run in cooperation with Empa and Hyundai.
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In 2018, the Swiss Oil Industry Association (Erdöl-Vereinigung) will be making its first ever visit to the traditional motor show in 2018, where it will be presenting the petrol station as a hot spot for mobility. Thanks to its infrastructure and logistics, the oil industry plays a key role in the mobility of the future.

The petrol station is always on the move, that's for sure. It will continue to be at the service of its customers in the future. Their range of services has expanded: In the future you may find a pharmacy, a spa area or a pick-up zone for parcel services at the filling station.

A lot has also happened in the core business. There is a wider range of fuels. In addition to petrol and diesel, gas, biofuels, synthetic fuels, electricity and hydrogen can also be tanked.

Fuels from surplus, renewable electricity

Empa will invite visitors to catch a glimpse into the year 2035: In summer, Switzerland harvests much more green electricity than it can consume. Empa presents a concept on how this surplus energy can be used for mobility. This prevents the shutdown of solar and wind power systems at times when they are particularly productive.

The excess electricity can be converted into hydrogen, methane (gas) or liquid fuels. These CO2-neutral fuels are suitable especially for long-distance drivers and freight transport. Empa realizes and examines such concepts in its mobility demonstrator "move" in Dübendorf and tests the production and use of such fuels in reality.

Refueling with hydrogen
Picture: Empa

At the "gas station of the future" at the Geneva Motor Show, all visitors can take a first step into the future of fuel and try it out for themselves on a simulator, refueling a Hyundai ix35 Fuell Cell. With the ix35 Fuel Cell, Hyundai was the world's first vehicle manufacturer to start series production of a fuel cell vehicle in 2013. Only five years later, Hyundai is now presenting the next generation at the Geneva Motor Show with the Hyundai NEXO. The progress is impressive: The Hyundai NEXO stands for 163 hp, 395 Nm, a range of 800 km, a refuelling time of just under 5 minutes and all the advantages that hydrogen offers as an energy storage medium:

  • 100% electric drive
  • Zero exhaust fumes, only steam
  • 100% renewable energies from regional electricity production
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