Nanomaterials in Waste and Landfills

Based on the recent developments in nanotechnology and the resulting increase in the application of engineered nanomaterials (ENM), it can be expected that part of these materials end up in waste incineration plants or landfills. ENM used in the construction industry will enter recycling and construction waste through renovation and demolition of buildings. Information about ENM flows in these processes is currently insufficient, thus the potential release of ENMs into the environment from this waste and the implications of this release are unknown. 


The aim of this project was to investigate if there is currently any nano-relevance in waste, waste incineration and construction waste. To provide an answer to this question, we evaluated the sources and the flows of ENM to waste, quantified the release of ENMs to technical compartments and the environment, measured the nano-sized fraction in fly ash and investigate the presence and behavior of ENM in landfill leachates.


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