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Biological surfaces and interfaces: where synthetic materials and biological systems interact and engage with each other - an innovative and expanding area of science and technology.
Biointerfaces International Conferences aim to build bridges across relevant application areas, between science & engineering, innovation & technology, industry, academic and clinical partners and between senior scientists & early-career researchers. Internationally highly renowned scientists from academia, industry and clinics present their latest, often unpublished scientific findings and technological breakthroughs to a diverse audience.
Learn how various research and translational initiatives around biological surfaces & interfaces continue to shape our everyday lives. The growing understanding for instance of how to physically interface biomaterials with various cell types hold great technological and societal promise, with applications in fields including tissue engineering, drug development and human toxicology. These technologies have a great potential, but require further research, continued innovation and discussion in our society as clinical validation and translational maturity.
Future Biointerfaces International Conferences will address status and future directions in these fields, also related to personalized medicine, and will also highlight the importance of involving all stakeholders.

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The 2024 edition will take place from August 20 to 23, 2024 at the FHNW School of Life Sciences, Campus Muttenz.