High Temperature Integrity Group

The research in high temperature integrity group (HTIG) combines the fields of mechanical engineering and materials science and focuses on understanding the deformation and failure behaviour of conventional and new advanced materials for a wide range of temperatures.

Fundamental research

  • Physically-based modelling of deformation
  • Material microstructure characterisation (pre- & post-test examination)
  • Relationships between microstructure and physical/mechanical properties
  • Severe plastic deformation (SPD) for production of ultrafine-grained materials

Engineering and applied research

  • Analytical and finite element (FE) analysis of components and structures
  • Mechanical integrity evaluation of additive manufactured (AM) structures
  • Phenomenological modelling of deformation and damage behaviour (FE implementation)
  • Development of creep-fatigue assessment procedures


Development of advanced techniques for mechanical characterisation

  • Miniature experiments for additive manufactured (AM) materials (e.g. lattice structures)
  • Service-cycle type high temperature tests (e.g. superimposed HCF-TMF testing)
  • FE-aided design of component-feature laboratory testpieces


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