Max Bommert

PhD Student

Max Bommert received his Bachelor degree from the TU Munich in 2015 with his thesis work on the subject of surface functionalization of semiconductors. He continued his studies at the TU Munich obtaining the Master of Applied and Engineering Physics in 2018. During his master thesis at the Center for Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials in Munich, he investigated particle interactions in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides by the means of electrical transport measurements and Raman spectroscopy.

In October 2018, he started his PhD at Empa in the nanotech@surfaces Laboratory in collaboration with the University of Zurich. He is studying in the interaction of monolayer thin molecular films with 2D materials. Currently he is investigating the modification of the electronic properties of molecular graphene analogues with ultra-thin insulators like hexagonal Boron-Nitride.

Fields of interest

Surface physics, Graphene analogues, 2D materials