Switzerland pursues sustainability issues in accordance with the UN goals for sustainable development.

Empa has committed itself to fulfilling the Federal Administration's climate package of July 2019, which means, among other things: Complete CO2 neutrality by 2030 . Sustainability issues also concern Empa employees in their private lives, whether through their commitment to environmental issues or to social issues. In some cases the desire has arisen to make a small contribution to a more sustainable Empa.
This led to the idea of founding a Sustainability Grassroot Group of colleagues who would like to make a voluntary commitment to sustainability. In this way they are supporting Empa in the 2020-2030 countdown to climate neutrality.


Informal, but with heart and passion. The fun of working together and the progress achieved together is in the foreground. Topic groups are created and disappear according to needs and wishes, in line with modern management (agile organizations). Support can consist of:
* Grassroot volunteer -> Largely self-organized, the sustainability delegate represents concerns as a speaker.
* Grassroot supporter -> Direct support of the sustainability delegate for official tasks.

Some ideas...

Focus for 2020: Biodiversity at Campus SG
Compost, urban gardening, green roofs (instead of flaming off the gravel layer)

Slow traffic
bicycle, possibly scooter, parking facilities at SG railway station, secure parking at Empa

Evaluation of the flight compensation scheme from 1.1.20

Waste management in canteens, cafeterias: especially for organic materials (composting) and plastics (KUH-bag),
Sandwiches home-made instead of from the wholesaler

Professionalization (Web, Graphic Representations, Media)


Véronique Adam, Andreas Bill, Heinz Böni, Eleonora Crenna, Cecilia Matasci, Marta Roca, Beatrice Salieri, Alexandra Schutzbach, Lorena Toledo, Andrea Wehrli, Rolf Widmer

Member Section: