Modelers get-together hour

We have all faced different challenges during our modeling and simulation activities that sometimes make us desperate to talk with experts. Or we have seen innovative ways developed by our colleagues that would make our life easier if we had known about them earlier. Besides all, having an after-work chat with colleagues is always fun. That's why the Empa multiphysics hub is conducting a monthly gathering for modelers, coders, data analyzers, or any other person who is somehow related to simulation.

" Modelers get-together hour" tries to provide a friendly atmosphere where we can talk to each other over food & drink around the standing tables and share ideas and expertise or just meet up and have a fun time. This won’t be limited to Empa and we plan to invite colleagues from other institutions in the future. The meeting is planned for one hour and the tentative schedule is as follows:

  • Who is doing what briefly: We have a magic board (online and onsite) to spot the area of expertise of our colleagues, which facilitates collaboration among us.
  • Informal presentation(s) of one or two people on the challenges they face or new modeling tricks
  • A group game (with prizes!)

If you would like to join or share your new findings, challenges, a new method, or modeling tricks that could be helpful for others or for any other questions, please get in touch with us via .

The dates of the upcoming "Modelers get-together hour" are as follows:

18th May 2022, Empa NEST

23rd June 2022, Empa NEST

14th July 2022, Empa NEST

25th August 2022, Location TBD

29th September 2022, Cancelled due to absence

20th October 2022, Location TBD

17th November 2022, Location TBD

15th December 2022, Location TBD

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Empa and eawag Modelers Get-together hour (23rd June 2022 @ Empa NEST)
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Modelers make spaghetti structures (23rd June 2022 @ Empa NEST)
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Modelers Get-together hour (18 May 2022 @ Empa NEST)
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Modelers Get-together hour (18 May 2022 @ Empa NEST)
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Modelers Get-together hour (18 May 2022 @ Empa NEST)