Multiphysics Hub @ Empa

Empa's Multiphysics Hub aims to support computational modelers by facilitating software access at an institutional level and by fostering interaction between researchers.

To this end, we make multiphysics software (COMSOL, ANSYS, ...) accessible for each employee or academic guest at Empa. At the same time we organize events, such as technical workshops and Topical Days.

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Here you can find the information for Empa users:


The Multiphysics Hub (previously Computational Multiphysics User Group) was founded in January 2017. The Multiphysics Hub currently consists of 2 sister groups, with members of 22 Empa labs:

  • the COMSOL User Group
  • the ANSYS User Group
For questions, Thijs Defraeye (Multiphysics Hub, COMSOL) or Gwenael Hannema (ANSYS) can be contacted.