The Scientific IT and the Research Data Management Team at Empa offers support in various topics:

Research Data Management (RDM)

We are currently introducing the RDM system openBIS at Empa, which is an Electronic Lab Notebook and Laboratory Information system developed by ETH. OpenBIS helps you organize your data and meet the requirements of funding agencies with regard to the FAIR principles (data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable, more explanation).

Data Management Plan (DMP)

Funding agencies require a Data Management Plan. We offer you support with your data management plan by providing you with a template for the SNF DMP. This template is a Word document that contains specific answer options for the SNSF questions, distinguishing between working with or without openBIS and with regard to sensitive data. Click here to see: Template

Exchange and collaboration

Together with Eawag and Lib4RI we are organizing training courses on various topics (Link). We also offer exchange and collaboration in the topics of data analysis, data science and technical tools for RDM or other areas.

Further information on Scientific IT & RDM @ Empa (only Empa internal)

Here you can find more information on the intranet from Knowledge and Technology Transfer / Legal @ Empa: RM

Find out more about Scientific IT @ Empa, who offers support and exchange in various more topics: link