Requirements of SNSF

  • Starting 1.10.2017 one has to submit a Data Management Plan (DMP) together with the proposal.
  • The submitted DMP can still be a draft version, but it has to be finalised before the end of the project.
  • SNFS will make all DMP publicly available at the end of the project.
  • SNFS supports the sharing of research data in a data repositories with up to CHF 10‘000.-. Please request the full amount.
  • SNFS requires the sharing of all the research data of this publication in a data repository prior to the submission of the publication.
The SNSF expects all researchers it supports
  • to share at least all data related to a publication. These data should be directly and freely available in a data archive (repository) that fulfils the FAIR criteria, and enable other researchers to reproduce the published study (link)
  • to disclose the data that ensure the reproducibility of a publication. Therefore, data presented in a publication must be disclosed. Data that are not necessary for the reproducibility of published results do not have to be shared. (link)
Check for a repository

To check for a repository in a given discipline it is best to search in the Registry of Research Data Repositories ( ). If you are looking for a generalized repository, which fulfills the requirements of SNSF, use this overview: