Putting the spotlight on Swiss clean technologies

2nd edition of the Swiss Cleantech Report

Six years after it first appeared, the second edition of the Swiss Cleantech Report was unveiled today at a press conference in Zurich. It highlights Switzerland’s USPs in the field of cleantech, and presents a wide range of technologies, products and projects developed by Swiss SMEs, scientific institutions and start-ups. The objective of this publication, which extends to around 70 pages, is to promote the expertise and image of Switzerland abroad.

“Switzerland is ready to take innovation to higher levels and into a broad variety of areas, including buildings, mobility, smart technologies, resilient infrastructures, and industrial processes,” President of the Swiss Confederation, Doris Leuthard, says in the brochure’s editorial. The Swiss Cleantech Report is a wonderful illustration of this collective will, focusing on specific innovations such as white or coloured solar panels, green walls, an electrically powered aircraft, mobile waterless toilets that prevent micropollutants from entering wastewater systems, and an installation for the production of ecological dye (for denim). The brochure also features showcase projects such as Solar Impulse and innovation highlights such as NEST on the Empa campus in Dübendorf, and pays homage to various Swiss cleantech pioneers. The overarching aim is to demonstrate how Swiss expertise offers concrete ways of addressing the challenges associated with environmental protection, climate change and energy supplies.
This brochure in English fills a gap in the area of Swiss cleantech promotion, as well as providing an opportunity to reinforce the importance of this business sector to the Swiss economy. The number of jobs in the cleantech sector has grown by 25% over the last five years, thus representing almost 5% of the country’s GDP.

A reference work for the cleantech sector in Switzerland

The Swiss Cleantech Report is published by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, Switzerland Global Enterprise and CleantechAlps, with the support of various private and public sponsors, amongst those the Empa. It is intended as a reference work for the cleantech sector in Switzerland and will be distributed throughout the official Swiss networks abroad (Swiss Business Hubs, embassies, consulates, Swissnex, etc.) as well as via the Swiss stands at the main trade fairs dedicated to the environment and energy all over the world. An initial informal presentation was also made in January this year at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi.
The Swiss Cleantech Report can be obtained free of charge from . An electronic version is also available here or via the dedicated mobile app. 

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