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A virtual tour through "move"

Aug 31, 2017 | MARC ESTERMANN
Goodbye to fossil fuels, hello to renewables: Empa demonstrates how the mobility of the future can work without fossil energy in its mobility demonstrator "move". A new 3D visualization of the entire system (in German) invites interested parties to explore "move" themselves – conveniently on the Empa website or right on site on a touch screen.

On the "move" website, it is now possible to virtually experience hydrogen production for mobility. The process starts on the roof where solar cells supply the required power. Part of the electricity is used to directly charge electric vehicles; another part is used to produce hydrogen through the electrolysis of water. After being compressed, the hydrogen is stored in large tanks, which feed the fuel pumps on the north side of "move". In the 3D visualization, each of these steps is explained with animated videos, graphs and detailed data.

There is also information on all the various project vehicles and a detailed comparison of three types of mobility (electric, hydrogen, natural gas/biogas). In addition, information is provided on the facility’s efficiency as well as on the CO2 balance of the different powertrain technologies. In a next step, the visualization will be supplemented with live data from “move”. Anyone will then be able to track how many cars are being refueled and how big the CO2 savings is when renewable energy is used as fuel instead of gasoline or diesel.

The new touch screen at the entrance of "move" gives insights into the entire system.
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