Empa/ETH Zurich scientists awarded

Pioneers of medical material innovations


The Latsis Prize of ETH Zurich goes to Inge Herrmann, the Lopez-Loreta Prize to Alexandre Anthis. The two scientists have been working together at Empa and ETH Zurich for five years, developing new materials and applications for medical applications.

Alexandre Anthis, scientist at Empa and ETH Zurich, was awarded ETH's Lopez-Loreta Prize. Image: Empa

ETH Zurich is honoring the group of Inge Herrmann, Professor of Nanoparticulate Systems, twice: She herself is the recipient of the ETH Zurich 2023 Latsis Prize, while her colleague Alexandre Anthis was awarded the 2023 Lopez Loreta Prize. The Rector of ETH Zurich presented the awards to the two recipients on ETH Day on November 18.

Solutions for medical challenges
Inge Herrmann, right, and Alexandre Anthis, left, in their Empa lab in St. Gallen. Image: Empa

Inge Herrmann, who heads the Nanoparticle Systems Engineering research group at Empa in St. Gallen, and her colleague Alexandre Anthis are being honored for their outstanding contributions in the field of medical material innovations. Both share a common drive: The researchers strive to profoundly understand the needs of clinicians and patients in order to develop new solutions for current medical challenges. With their passion for medicine, they are committed to bridging the gap between research and clinical application. As a result, the two are making significant progress in the field of medicine and medical technologies.

A good example of the work of the two researchers at ETH and Empa is the development of an intelligent patch for intestinal surgery. The patch prevents and detects leaks.