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The Innovation Park is taking shape

Dec 2, 2016 | RENÉ KALT
In the summer of 2017, the Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich will open its doors at Dübendorf airfield – and thus very close to Empa. The park provides a new platform for research, development and innovation, and aims to link re-sults from the world of research with the practical experience and market knowledge of leading major companies, SMEs and startups. The first research and development teams, from the fields of robotics, mobility, aerospace, advanced manufacturing and financial technology, will be moving into the Innovation Park very soon.

The Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich promotes cooperation and knowledge transfer between renowned Zurich universities, technical colleges and research institutions and the private sector, with the aim of significantly speeding up the process of converting research findings into marketable products and services. A unique collection of old and new buildings, offering physical proximity, open-plan offices, workshops and laboratories together with joint test facilities and information platforms, provides the perfect environment for the development of inspiration, the sharing of ideas and the transfer of knowledge. The planned Innovation Park is stimulating growth, creating new jobs and further enhancing the already established high quality of life and attractiveness of the Zurich region. The Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich is part of the national "Switzerland Innovation" initiative, which, at five different locations, offers domestic and foreign companies superbly developed, expandable and attractively situated infrastructure, close to universities, for the transformation of innovative ideas into marketable products.

Click here to read the press release from the Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich Foundation.


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