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Empa's Dr. Crockett is the first President of the «Swiss Tribology» Association, founded in Geneva on June 12, 2006. This professional association supports the exchange of information and technology in the field of Tribology, which concerns itself with the study and research of friction phenomena, lubrication and the wear and tear of reciprocatively moving bodies. Founding members are Empa, ETH Zurich, University of Basel, University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, the Robert Mathys Foundation, Blaser Swisslube and the Association of Swiss Lubricant Industries.


Tribological aspects are important in large and small buildings and art objects. The positioning of a statute in ancient Egypt or the mechanical workings of a watch have tribological considerations


Reducing friction and wear and tear in mechanical systems result in a lower use of energy and higher reliability. Possible lesser friction and the accompanying lesser wear and tear on machines are of great economic as well as ecological interest. How to achieve this is the aim of Tribology which is the science of friction, lubrication and the wear and tear of reciprocatively moving bodies. Improvements are possible through new construction concepts of mechanical systems, more efficient lubricants and further developments of new materials and surface coatings. Joint implants for example can be more successful through research of the biocompatibility of the implanted part. Newly developed implant materials are less liable to be damaged through corrosion or wear and tear, and these three factors, i.e. the biocompatibility, corrosion and wear and tear are decisive for the life span of an implant.

Successful developments, however, do not occur by chance. They require intensive cooperation among scientists and engineers of various disciplines such as Mechanical Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Materials, Surfaces, Rheology, Mechanics, and Nano and Micro technologies. «Swiss Tribology» assists and supports this cooperative work of scientists and engineers and facilitates the transfer of new results to industry. The Association plans future conferences and works on developing a national Tribology Network as well as access to Tribology groups and professional associations in other countries.

The management board of «Swiss Tribology»: Eric Rosset, Vinzenz Frauchiger, Nic Spencer, Michael Eglin, Stephano Mischler (last row from the left). Ernst Meyer, Jan Fiala-Goldiger, Rowena Crockett (first row from the left).

Present at the founding assembly were Ernest Mayer (University of Basel), Rowena Crockett (Empa), Nicholas Spencer (ETH Zurich), Stéphane Rollier (Rolex), Vinz Frauchiger (Robert Mathys Foundation), Stefano Mischler (EPF Lausanne), Michael Eglin (Blaser Swisslube), Jan Fiala-Goldiger (Association of Swiss Lubricant Industries), and Eric Rosset (University of Applied Sciences). On this occasion, the management board members were elected and the bylaws adopted. Dr. Rowena Crockett of Empa has become the first President of the Association.


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