Mission Statement

To cope with the manifold challenges that loom ahead and to deliver solutions advancements in science and technology will be crucial. At Empa, we are taking on the task of developing and sketching out paths into a livable future for the coming generations. Together with our partners from research, industry or the public sector we are pushing the limits in science and technology for a prosperous tomorrow. (Download)

Empa in a Nutshell

This brochure tells you more about Empa's mission and its comprehensive range of the institute's Research Focus Areas (RFAs). It also gives a brief description of Empa's organizational structure and history. (Download)








Empa Horizons – A Glimpse into the Future

What are the big challenges we are facing today and in the years to come? There is first and foremost a sustainable, safe and secure energy supply. Another one is climate, the environment and our dwindling natural resources. Not to forget: the renewal of our built infrastructure, buildings, streets and bridges, many of which are getting a bit long in the tooth. And, closer to home, personal health, which is becoming ever more important in light of our increasing life expectancy. Empa is providing new ideas and impulses. Because meeting today’s challenges requires, above all, innovative materials and technologies. (Download)

Swiss Scanning Probe Microscopy User Lab at Empa

Welcome to the SUL - the Swiss Scanning Probe Microscopy User Laboratory at Empa: Your company wants to develop a new plasma-coating process for a specific fiber material and you need to understand the adhesive properties of the components involved. Or you are developing tools and you want to make them «corrosion-proof». Or you want to assess the critical dimensions of your semiconductor devices. At SUL we gladly support you to reach your goals. (Download)




Research Integrity: Guidelines for Good Scientific Practice

As stated as the first priority in our mission, Empa is committed to excellence in research. In order to achieve this goal, several criteria need to be fulfilled. These include the need to recruit highly motivated and qualified staff and to develop the very best research infrastructure. We must also create an environment which promotes responsible conduct through the memory of clear and comprehensive rules, derived from commonly accepted norms and values. (Download)

Compliance Guide

Empa fosters a culture of autonomy and personal responsibility. This culture can only be lived if all its members adhere to the statutory regulations and internal instructions, and implement them in their field. The Compliance Guide offers a brief overview of the most important areas with regulations that must be heeded and deliberately singling out the topics that might seriously harm Empa’s reputation in the event of incorrect use. (Download)