University of Freiburg appoints Empa researcher

Titular Professorship for Antonia Neels

Apr 23, 2018 | CORNELIA ZOGG

Antonia Neels, head of the Centre for X-ray Analytics at Empa, has been appointed titular professor by the University of Freiburg. She gives lectures in the Materials master module on applied crystallography in Freiburg. At Empa, the scientist and her team are conducting research in the field of X-ray analysis.

Antonia Neels at the inauguration of the X-Ray Center in Dübendorf.

The Faculties of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Medicine at the University of Freiburg awarded Empa researcher Antonia Neels the title of titular professor on April 1, 2018. There she teaches in the Materials master module on "Crystallography, crystal growth and technology".

Neels has been conducting research at Empa since 2014, where she heads the Centre for X-ray Analytics. Her research focuses on the development of X-ray analysis for novel materials and material systems. On the one hand for Empa and other European research institutions, on the other hand also for industry.


Her main interests are those new materials whose fascinating structures lead to new physical properties and applications. Analytical methods not only provide knowledge about the materials themselves, but also support the understanding of their manufacturing processes and enable new applications from medicine to space travel. Neels and her team pay special attention to the interactions between materials and living systems such as cells and organ models. Dynamic (in-situ) process monitoring and the development of appropriate models and methodologies will support the understanding of biosystems.

This interdisciplinary research area of X-ray analysis will make an even greater contribution to the expansion of cooperation between Swiss research institutions in the future.

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