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Aerogel Architecture Award 2024


Registration for the fourth annual Aerogel Architecture Award has started on 20 January 2024. Interested parties are invited to submit their examples for the use of aerogel in architecture, construction, renovation and preservation of historical monuments. The best projects in the categories Realized Solutions and Student Designs will be awarded.


The jury is searching for outstanding realized projects internationally to showcase the best projects of architects, civil engineers or exceptional project ideas of students from these fields. The best projects will be shortlisted for the Aerogel Architecture Awards ceremony hosted in Duebendorf near Zurich at the NEST building on the Empa campus, which will give broad recognition to the projects. The projects will be published in relevant international magazines and online portals. The award celebrates the best examples with regards to energy efficiency, unconventional solutions, translucent daylighting or high performing buildings solutions with the use of superinsulating aerogel materials.


Realized Solutions / architects, civil engineers and their studios
Student Designs / architecture and civil engineering students


20 January 2024 – Competition announcement and registration opens
14 June 2024 – Project submission deadline (23:59 hours Zurich time)
12 July 2024, afternoon – Winners’ announcement event, NEST building, Empa Duebendorf (on-site and public stream)

Submission conditions

Architectural and civil engineering studios can submit realized projects of renovation, refurbishment or new buildings located in any country. Students of architecture and civil engineering can submit their proposals and design studio projects with use of aerogel based materials. The award ceremony will take place in English. Projects should not be older than three years. It is highly recommended to submit realized projects of renovated or protected buildings, refurbished and new buildings, where the energy efficiency was improved using aerogel insulation materials or the translucency of silica aeorgels was used. The winners will be invited to Switzerland for the award event, which will take place at the NEST building on the Empa campus in Duebendorf (Zurich). They will receive an award and will be invited to shortly introduce their project within approximately 10 minutes to a broader audience.

Please send a ZIP or RAR file (max. 20MB) to (secretary) until the deadline. For your submission, please choose a 6-digit identification number (0-9). Please avoid numbers in sequence, as well as duplicates of the same numbers or letters. Please mark your poster and name the ZIP file with your identification number.

Documents to be submitted:

One PDF A1 size poster (portrait) with plans, section, photographs and linear drawings (poster layout to download) (examples AAA 2022)
One to three JPEG-images: Cover photos of the project in high resolution, which will be used in media and webpages (see coverage of AAA 2022)
One detail of the use of the aerogel based insulation (on the poster), one linear technical drawing with highlighted aerogel part (Blue RGB – 95,183,215), a list of materials and, if available, photos of the detail
Please fill out the registration form and describe the selected details on aerogel use in your project in approx. 300 words. The poster can include text, pictures and details.

With your submission you agree with the publication of the project and confirm that you know about the property rights for images, graphics and drawings, which are part of your submission.

Editor / media contact
Christoph Stapfer
P. +41 58 765 61 25

Aerogel application webpage
Webpage showing selected material types and projects of aerogel building applications

M Ganobjak, S Brunner, J Wernery; Aerogel materials for heritage buildings: Materials, properties and case studies; Journal of Cultural Heritage, Volume 42, 2020; DOI: 10.1016/j.culher.2019.09.007.


Press release on last year's Aerogel Architecture Award 2023


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