Empa-Research «on the road»

Empa’s traveling exhibition presents research in a «hands on» experience

Oct 11, 2006 | BEAT ASCHWANDEN

On October 19, the starting pistol to a special kind of „Tour de Suisse“ will sound Empa’s traveling exhibition „Empa on the road“ will visit this year five technically oriented Universities of Applied Sciences. The exhibition aims to network Research, Academics, Economy and Politics and through it intensify the collaboration among Swiss High Tech Industry, and in particular small and medium enterprises, and other institutions of the Swiss educational, research and innovation scene. It aims also to increase and strengthen the transfer of new technology from applied research – the „ trade mark“ of Empa – to more marketable innovations.


Legend: At the various stations of „Empa on the road“, interested visitors can receive a brochure informing about the research areas at Empa.


The „Empa on the road“ traveling exhibition is designed foremost for local industry, technical universities, other R&D institutions and technology parks as well as for politicians and representatives of the local Kanton authorities.Empa is considered today as one of the Swiss Industries’ most important partners in the transfer of knowledge and technology. This was confirmed in a recently published study by the Zurich ETH economy research group (Konjunkturforschungsstelle der ETH Zurich, December 2000). Through activities like the „Empa on the road“ traveling exhibition, Empa enhances its role as a bridge connecting between research and practice, science and society, vision and reality. Empa thus improves society’s life quality and at the same time aids the innovative strength and competitiveness of Swiss economy and industry. The newly set up internet access: will enable outsiders to contact Empa easily. Through this portal, interested partners and customers can quickly and efficiently find the right person at Empa with whom to establish contact.

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„Giving the body a leg-up“ is the title of one of the presentation walls in the „Empa on the road“ exhibition. This theme is part of the research program of „Materials for Health and Performance“.

The main points of emphasis in the „Empa on the road“ traveling exhibition are the five research programs at Empa, namely, Nanotechnology, Adaptive Materials Systems, Materials for Health and Performance, Technosphere–Atmosphere, Materials for Energy Technologies as well as some specifically chosen research topics. Thus for example, Empa researchers report about recent developments in the area of high performance heat accumulators, controlled damped vibration, ecologically friendly drive systems and functional surfaces. On October 19 and 20, „Empa on the road“ is hosted by the Luzern University of Applied Sciences for Technology and Architecture (Hochschule für Technik und Architektur), in Horw. Further stops will be on October 26/27 in Brugg /Windisch at the University of Applied Sciences of North–West Switzerland (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz), on November 2/3 in Neuenburg (CSEM/IMT), on November 9/10 in Sion at the University of Applied Science Valais (Haute Ecole Valaisanne), and on November 16/17 in Trevano at the Graduate Professional School of Italian Switzerland (Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana SUPSI).

Exhibits, posters and brochures illustrate clearly the fields of research at Empa. In addition, some research topics are presented in detailed lectures. On each first day, the exhibition is opened with a series of lectures and at the close of the day a networking get-together is held in which first contacts can be made and, already established ones deepened. On the second day, the visitors are guided through the exhibition. Empa’s personnel are available at all times to answer questions and provide explanations.

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